I Will Write You a Song

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I Will Write You a Song

Jonathan Burks
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I will write you a song about a person, topic, event, concept, or whimsy of your choosing. Provide a prompt and I'll do the rest.

If this is a song about a person or personal event, I'll need some context and information. A couple of phone calls or email exchanges might be necessary.

This won't be a flimsy knock-off; I'll be treating it like any of the other songs I've written, hammering away until it's right.

I'll send you a simple recording of the song.

One month turnaround time.


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I want this!

I will write a song on the topic of your choice.

Song will be published and released online.
Immortalize yourself or a loved one with a touching tribute.
When the song is released I will include whatever description you want in the liner notes.
Give a shout out to your favorite person or share some thoughts.
Be a patron
Be a Medici to the Da Vinci of self-depracation
Commission a corrido
Pay tribute to your favorite bandit
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